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From the ashes of World Soccer Daily has arisen World Football Daily. The new show will be an internet-based, two-hour daily football video talk show. Users with Skype and a web-cam will be able to use their web-cam for a face-to-face call. You’ll agree that there is nothing else of its kind out there, and it will only be the beginning.

steven_kenny_2The show will be subscriber-based. There will be at least two tiers of subscription, with the top-level tier priced no higher than $4.99 per month. For your subscription, you will get access to a live video or audio stream of the show, audio podcasts, video highlights, behind-the-scenes footage of show meetings (and staff arguments).

With complete control over content and distribution, they will no longer be constrained by a radio schedule, or outside factors. Going forward, other football-related shows will be added to the World Football Network, and early subscribers will simply be grandfathered in for this new content, at no additional charge.

While they are building the infrastructure for this new site, they will be featuring a free weekly show, that can be accessed, or podcasted via our RSS feed.

FREE AUDIO CLIPS. Updated often so check back.

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The World Football Daily FAQ

I tried clicking on the podcast link at the top of the page, but it says it can’t be displayed?

The podcast link is an RSS feed — RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication, and is a place for a website to have all the latest content in one place (in this case, the current weekly show). In essence, the feeds themselves are just web pages, designed to be read by computers rather than people.

Some older browsers may not display RSS feeds. If you use a newer browser like Firefox, you should be able to view the feed as if it were a webpage. You can download Firefox at:

Will Kenny and Steven still host the show?

Yes, they will.

What is the plan for your guests? Will you keep them?

Yes, we will keep all of our regular guests and correspondents and will be adding more as well! One of the dramatic benefits to the new format is that we are no longer limited by a strict time frame — we could (for example) have an hour-long Copa America special with Tim Vickery, in addition to the regular show.

The possibilities are endless, then?

In effect, they are only limited by the hours in a day. You can expect the amount of content offered through the network to grow over time.

Will they be covering (my favorite team)?

Absolutely. Beginning the instant you call in. With the Skype feature, you can even show the world your collection of memorabilia.

What is the story with the old World Soccer Daily restarting on Sirius?

World Soccer Daily will not be coming back to Sirius.

Will World Football Daily ever be back on Sirius?

There are currently no plans to put WFD back on Sirius. WFD will be an independent internet-based football show, and the flagship of a growing football network.

I listen at work. Will I be able to stream World Football Daily?

Yes, you will be able to choose from a live audio stream, or a live video stream. You will also be able to listen to older shows on demand. With the show’s archives, you can still pack your iPod full of football talk for those long airplane rides, or trips to the dentist.

I’m a podcaster. Will World Football Daily be available as an audio podcast that I can download?

Yes, the World Football Daily podcast will be available through RSS and iTunes for subscribers.

More Questions?

If you have any questions not covered by this FAQ, please send them in to:

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