Cockney Slang

Adam and Eve Believe Would you Adam and Eve it?
Apples and Pears Stairs Get up those apples to bed!
Army and Navy Gravy Pass the army, will you?
Bacon and Eggs Legs She has such long bacons.
Barnet Fair Hair I’m going to have my barnet cut.
Bees and Honey Money Hand over the bees.
Biscuits and Cheese Knees Ooh! What knobbly biscuits!
Bull and Cow Row We don’t have to have a bull about it.
Butcher’s Hook Look I had a butchers at it through the window.
Cobbler’s Awls Balls You’re talking cobblers!
Crust of Bread Head Use your crust, lad.
Daffadown Dilly Silly She’s a bit daffy.
Hampton Wick Prick You’re getting on my wick!
Khyber Pass Arse Stick that up your Khyber.
Loaf of Bread Head Think about it; use your loaf.
Mince Pies Eyes What beautiful minces.
Oxford Scholar Dollar Could you lend me an Oxford?
Pen and Ink Stink Pooh! It pens a bit in here.
Rabbit and Pork Talk I don’t know what she’s rabbiting about.
Raspberry Tart Fart I can smell a raspberry.
Scarpa Flow Go Scarpa! The police are coming!
Trouble and Strife Wife The trouble’s been shopping again.
Uncle Bert Shirt I’m ironing my Uncle.
Weasel and Stoat Coat Where’s my weasel?

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